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RELOADED: Don't Play Yourself Cast

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Cast Member

Stage Name Role Description Photo
Kaliyah Barnes Aisha Plays a troubled little girl kaliyah-barnes-age-10.jpg
Larry Thompson Dap Drug dealer larry-thompson.png
 Tyrone Mason  Croaker Dap's Over zealous Henchman &
Drug Dealer!
 Nakia Thompson

Soloist - "I'll Always Love You"

"Troubles of the World"

Faye Wooten

 1st Lady Elisabeth Wilson

Tony's Mom faye-wooten.png
 Bilal Islam  Malik  Sensitive drug addict and is assistant director  bilal-ialam.jpg
 Chance Martel Gibson  Mike  Troubled teen searching for acceptance  chance-martel-gibson.jpg
Malekiah Max Hunter Tony    
 Tehran C Caldwell  Rev. Anthony Wilson SR  Stern old fashioned Baptist minister  tehran-c-caldwell.jpg
 Shanice Brooks  Patricia/Pat Wilson  Tony's wife  shanice-brooks.jpg
 Saudia McCray  Shelly Sassy drug addict and Sierra Wilson's
disturbed sister
 Betty Jean Nobles (Thompson)  Church Mother    betty-s-headshot-1.jpg
 Zakiyyah Davis  Nia  Sophisticated drug addict  zakiyyah-davis.jpg